Quick Update on "Resources" Section

01 Oct 2017

So, I decided to completely abandon About Me section of the website, because it was most of all a mixture of Resume and Contact me page. So instead of that, I introduced Resources section, where I will be updating websites and blogs that I follow, books I am reading, and courses I take.


How to fix "No GitHub API Authentication" error in Jekyll

24 Sep 2017

Hi there. I recently switched jobs, so I was busy making a transition, and also got myself a new gear (MB Pro yummy). I was Windows user for about 15 years, and actually, remember running Aladin game from MS-DOS prompt window. Now, the time has come to step on the dark side and explore possibilities of a new environment for work and personal projects.

I started setting up Jekyll again (which is really easy when you are on Mac, so one point there). However, when I ran my local server I got an error in my terminal:

GitHub Metadata: No GitHub API authentication could be found. 
Some fields may be missing or have incorrect data.

Organize your learning by creating a side project

24 Aug 2017

I believe that by now this general opinion became a standard for the industry, so there is no point in me trying to convince you that - technology is growing rapidly, and we need to keep up with it like housewives are doing with the Kardashians.


Eventually, there will be a point in your career (hopefully sooner than later) where you will realize that if you really want to stand out, you are going to need to become better. In order to become better, you need to know more than people you are competing against on a job market, in your company, and eventually in your life in general. In my case, the trigger point was a mix of “hey, I can be good at this” and “wow, these people around me with X years of experience are bored as hell, planning to do nothing about it”. And usually, when you need to compete against experience, your odds are pretty thin if you are just starting out. But what you can have, while some of the experienced ones won’t is - Hunger.


Consultant's tips&tricks - Yes and No strategy

17 Aug 2017

In this post, I will share with you something I learned as a consultant working with Configure Price Quote vendor software. It is basically pre-built app, that the customer or modeler can adapt to their business model and requirements


Hey!Let's give it a go!

17 Aug 2017

Welcome! This is my first blog post, where I would like to go deeper inside the topic of why I even started this.