Hey!Let's give it a go!

Welcome! This is my first blog post, where I would like to go deeper inside the topic of why I even started this.


The most simple explanation would be - I want to become better at my job. Currently, I am working as a BA/PO in the tech industry, and I believe having a great understanding of business requirements is positioning me very high in my client’s eyes. Also, I am a communicative person, versatile, friendly and easy to engage with.

However, being surrounded by developers and tech experts all the time made me think that I need to learn more about technologies being used for implementing products/services. Most of the people say (and I believe they are right): You won’t need extreme development knowledge in order to be a good Business Analyst/Product Owner. And I agree with them - for the most part. On the other hand, in one of the previous companies that I worked for, I have seen a couple of my colleagues who started as developers, build up their technical knowledge, and then started building soft skills for consulting.

I can’t emphasize to you enough how good those people are. I mean, we attend workshops for a client in Asia, surrounded by both business and tech people there, and this colleague (now friend) of mine “destroys” the audience every time. They’ve had all kinds of questions and he had all the answers. For a regular guy doing BA work it would often be: Hey, I think it is possible, but I would have to check that with the dev team. In his case, he did not need to check that, he already knew it. And I believe that clients truly respect that. And from the point of view of the spectator, it is really something.

Anyways, I don’t want to learn development purely for these purposes. I was always kind of hooked to computers, technology and all that. However, I was always a bit afraid of learning programming simply because I always thought that I am not ‘savvy’ enough. When I started being Consultant in IT, I realized that it is something I would like to do and capable of doing. So, in my next blog post, I will try to write a breakdown of sources that I refer to on a daily basis, while learning.

Written on August 17, 2017