Here is the section where I will add links to podcasts that I am listening, and that helped me a lot to motivate and develop myself. List of podcasts will not be in any ranked order. I really enjoy and recommend all of them, no matter how many I end up adding.

Coding Blocks


These guys are really awesome. All three are very successful Software Engineers, and they know every little single thing when it comes to the topic of discussion. You can always hear different angles and really enjoy the conversation along the way. Every episode has detailed show notes where you can find links to resources mentioned in the episode.


Also, you can join their slack channel where you will find a lot of answers from very responsive and caring members.

Complete Developer Podcast


BJ and Will are really, really, really awesome guys. They are really good friends, and you can hear that while they talk. What is really awesome about their show is the fact that Will is actually BJs mentor, and you can hear the perspective from both a newbie (BJ is far from newbie now) and a master. Also, they try to reach to a non-developer audience by covering all areas of life and business.

Complete Developer Podcast

You can also follow them on twitter.

The Cynical Developer


I recently discovered James Studdart. He is the first on this list to be fellow europian. When I am looking for a good podcast to listen, I worry about the content more than anything else. And the big plus can also be if a podcast is supported by blog posts, and I went over a couple of them, and they are really really awesome. You get the really nice tips and advice for your regular working days, plus there is also a reference to books that are good, episode to listen to, etc.

The Cynical Developer

Blog posts are HERE